Menuka’s Golden Journey: A Touching Audition on Indian Idol Season 14

Explore the heartwarming story of Menuka, a blind contestant on Indian Idol Season 14, whose soulful audition moved judges Shreya Ghoshal and Vishal Dadlani to tears. Discover how her pure and beautiful voice earned her a coveted spot with the ‘Golden Mic.’

In the first episode of Indian Idol Season 14, viewers were treated to a remarkable and emotional audition that left a lasting impact on judges Shreya Ghoshal, Vishal Dadlani, and Kumar Sanu. Among the many talented contestants, one individual stood out, not just for her vocal prowess but for her incredible determination and spirit.

Menuka, a young woman who is blind, stepped onto the stage and chose a song that would showcase her remarkable talent – “O Palan Hare” from the iconic Bollywood movie “Lagaan.” Her rendition of the song was nothing short of magical, as she poured her heart and soul into every note.


As Menuka sang, the judges couldn’t help but be deeply moved by her performance. Tears welled up in the eyes of Shreya Ghoshal and Vishal Dadlani, two seasoned musicians who have witnessed countless auditions over the years. Menuka’s voice wasn’t just beautiful; it was pure and carried an emotional depth that transcended words.

The judges were not the only ones who felt the impact of Menuka’s performance. The entire audience and viewers at home were equally captivated by her talent and the strength she displayed by pursuing her dream despite her visual impairment.

After her soul-stirring rendition, Menuka shared her dream with the judges. She expressed her desire to sing alongside Shreya Ghoshal, one of her idols. In a heartwarming moment, Shreya Ghoshal graciously agreed to fulfill Menuka’s wish. Together, they sang “Mohe Rang Do Lal” from the classic film “Bajirao Mastani.” The duet was a mesmerizing blend of two incredible voices, leaving everyone in awe.

The moment of truth arrived as the judges cast their votes. It was a unanimous decision – Menuka was selected to move forward in the competition. Her talent had earned her the coveted “Golden Mic,” a symbol of her exceptional abilities and the deep emotional connection she had forged with the judges and the audience.

Menuka’s audition on Indian Idol Season 14 serves as a powerful reminder that talent knows no boundaries. Her journey is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and the ability of music to touch the soul. As the season continues, Menuka’s story will undoubtedly inspire and uplift both contestants and viewers alike, proving that dreams are within reach for those who dare to pursue them with unwavering determination.

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