Jimmy Buffet Death at Age 76 : A heart warming Note by a fan

a fan of Jimmy Buffet writes a note for him.

It’s so wild Jimmy left us on Labor Day Weekend. Did you plan this??? 😉
This song (Welcome monday)holds a lot of personal meaning for me, as does ‘The Coast of Marseille’.❤
And seeing Jimmy w/that thick ‘stache around his lip, long hair & beach scenes in the vid, makes it even more accurate, w/time’s shared w/the love of my life. I had the long, thick hair & lean body & he wasn’t much taller than me, w/such a great bod! So many wonderfully intimate beach days & nights between P-Town & then Montauk Point, the following Summer…. He always dedicated ‘Come Monday’ to me when he sang it. Sounding a bit like Jimmy, too…just a tad lower. Monday was the time we looked fwd to each week, when I would drive late Sun nite after work from Albany to P-Town, to spend the next 4 days together.
Mon – Thurs…like blissful clockwork. Sometimes he’d substitute ‘Albany haze’, or ‘Provincetown haze’ for ‘brown LA haze’…& ‘Provincetown has worn me quite thin’, for CA…just to personalize it for us, w/a wink, when I was in the audience. 😉 And at times, sub ‘Remember that night in Vermont’, for ‘Montana’… Where we sealed an incredible 4 days of intense love. I thought my heart would physically burst! 💗💓 So incredibly full!
I hear this song, & I’m transported back almost 35 yrs….wow…has it really been that long….? You never, ever forget the true love of your life.
Where nothing & no one can come close to touching it.
So you just hold it deep & warm, for those special beach sunrises🌅sunsets, reflective full moon rises🌕& moonless starry nights.🌚 Those 2 songs wrap it all up for me.❤💞💔The very best…& the haunting ache. W/O the regret of never knowing that depth.
Endless thanks Jimmy. For the best & most intense memories, your stirring voice gives so many, I’m sure. Be in Glorious bliss…❤✝🙌
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