India’s Got Talent Audition 2023 IN Mumbai, Kolkata and more

India's Got Talent Audition 2023: Unleash Your Skills on the Grand Stage!

Get ready for the highly anticipated India’s Got Talent Audition2023! Join us on 26th May 2023 in Bangalore and Lucknow, and on 28th May 2023 in Kolkata and Kochi.

  1. India’s Got Talent, one of the most popular reality shows in the country, is back with a bang! The 2023 edition promises to be bigger, better, and more spectacular than ever before. With auditions taking place in major cities across India, aspiring performers from all walks of life will have the opportunity to showcase their extraordinary talents to the world. From the bustling streets of Bangalore to the cultural hub of Kolkata, this talent extravaganza will bring together diverse talents from every corner of the country.

India’s Got Talent 2023 Audition, Details:

Date and Place of the Audion is as following

  • at Bangalore : 26th May 2023
  • at Lucknow   : 26th May 2023
  • at Kolkata      : 28th May 2023
  • at Kochi         : 28th May 2023 
  • at Mumbai : 11th June 2023

Eligibility Criteria:

  • All age groups are welcome to participate.
  • Both male and female performers can take part.
  • Solo, duo, and group performances are allowed.

Talents You Can Showcase:

  • Dancing, singing, magic, archery, comedy, and more.
  • The show encourages diverse and unique talents.

FAQs About India’s Got Talent 2023 Audition

  1. Q: How can I register for the auditions?

    • A: Visit the official website of India’s Got Talent and follow the registration instructions.
  2. Q: Is there an age limit for participation?

    • A: No, all age groups can participate.
  3. Q: Can I perform with a group of friends?

    • A: Yes, group performances are allowed and encouraged.
  4. Q: Any guidelines for the audition video?

    • A: Ensure high-quality video and clear audio. Follow the specified duration limits.
  5. Q: What happens if I get selected for the next round?

    • A: Congratulations! You’ll proceed to the next round and compete with other talented individuals or groups.
  6. Q: Will the auditions be televised?

    • A: Yes, the auditions and subsequent rounds will be televised nationwide.
  7. Q: Where will be the audition in Mumbai?  
Nahar’s Amrit Shakti

Let Your Talent Shine on India’s Got Talent 2023!

India’s Got Talent 2023 Audition is the perfect platform for talented individuals across the nation to unleash their potential and make their dreams come true. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to showcase your talent and leave a lasting impression. So gather your courage, hone your skills, and get ready to shine on India’s Got Talent 2023!

Venue for Audition of India’s Got Talent in Mumbai 

Nahar’s Amrit Shakti, Chandvali Farm Road.

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